Welcome to webpositiva

Webpositiva is a space with more than 20 years of life. Initially it was created as a television project that included different aspects of psychology and personal growth. Currently, I share content in Spanish related to coaching, technology and professional aspects, through the webpositiva blog in Spanish.

Projects and interests

  • Technology area: systems, programming, cybersecurity, marketing, renewable energies, recycling, construction, updating, IT projects, etc.
  • Professional and personal development: coaching is able to collect characteristics of modern psychology and add them to the professional field, therefore, I encourage you to learn about a work method to strengthen your personal values.
  • My main interest is now focused on adapted and sustainable housing. The concept of «Smart City», «Domotics» and the new construction will improve our quality of life, especially that of people with disabilities. All this brings us closer to the home of the future. You add up?

About me

My name is Gonzo, I am a curious person and in constant learning. I have extensive experience in different professional areas, with a clear vocation for communication, marketing and technology. In my opinion, we are at a particularly important moment, comparable to the industrial revolution, so I think it is time to start questioning how it can help us to improve as a species and row together for goals that can take us further.

Within IT I have always been linked to Open Source; I think it has contributed a lot to the development of the web. Right now, home automation projects, the IoT and smart cities are the special focus of my attention.

«The effort will always give you something, if it is not the triumph, the less the experience will be»

In these years, I have been able to take this medium to television and radio formats in Spain. I am also very proud of having helped the different companies I have worked for grow: multinationals and SMEs. I am grateful that everyone has taught me and given me something.


Thank you for visiting this space. If you wish, you can contact us for any questions or clarifications you need.

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